Freeze Dried Treats

Thank you to customers new and old (formerly operating as Sweet Surprises)! We are excited to present our new Superhero inspired branding!

FUN FACT: We had to rename these familiar candies so as not to infringe on original trademark SO while we know the names are a bit non-sensical, please click on the product and read the description for a hint as to the original candy. We think you'll be able to figure them all out! 

Be sure to check out our PopUp Locations so you can come see us in person too! 

Our mission is: Empowering sustainability through fun freeze-dried foods! We cut food waste with innovative tech, making every bite eco-friendly and exciting. Join us in redefining delicious, planet-friendly eating! As our company grows and scales, look for offerings in the fruit, veggie and meal kit categories!

Why Choose Us?

Our candies are made fresh to order. We offer the most popular candy varieties and are always adding more products to choose from.


Order online any time - lots of shipping options, plus local pickup and delivery available. Follow us on social media to see our latest pop-up location!